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Art and Emotion (continued)

My basic work is not the figuration as it is, but the representation of scattered emotions felt by the one that looks at one of my works. I don't paint the subject, but I draw, build (without much levelling) according to elements that I provide him with. His disposition, sensitivity, and culture will give him the key to this mystery. A person evolves, his mood changes every day; he will thus, in the same way, see the painting in a different way because every day is different.

To appreciate my work, I think that one must see the painting very often so that it is well fathomed because its importance does not lie in its immediate legibility. One may have failed to notice a coulour, a form, a mass, a transparency, just like this chord of music discovered only after listening ten or even twenty times to the same piece of music.


The perception of a feeling born of an emotion comprises subjective parameters inherent in social, intellectual, and aesthetic conditions of a person living in a given socitey. To trigger off this emotion, this person must lay open to this perception by rising above his knowledge and by cutting off his consciousness nurtured on the past. To this condition, he can open up to the new message brought by a new creation whether musical, literary, or plastic.


In a painting, the best is not expressed with the colors, and this applies to any of the techniques used. One must plunge deep down to descry, while removing the nocturnal veil away, the first rays of this much-sought inner Light.


A creation is a breath of life, a confession, a message, a cry, a part of oneself, a bit of God, a suffering, a joy, an injury, a tearing apart, a wound, a murmur, a puff, a prayer, a punch, a caress, the struggle won by the spiritual life over carnal death. Art calls for sensitivity, intelligence, imagination, faith, self-effacement, and self-denial.


A man's heart that will forget the man sheltering him to the benefit of the society will create great works. The creator's heart that will start beating atthe exclusive service of humanity will see the great light. Is it not the case of God ? Is it not what we must seek according to our means ?

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