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Art and Emotion (continued)

A creation cannot be genuine unless it catches us unawares, amazes us, and disconcerts us. However, when it does so, it disturbs. But people do not like to be disturbed in their profound convictions defined by a middle-class cultural environment, that is reassuring. However, art is not reassuring. Art is an adventure and must be lived as such, following the example of this sailor that goes on his boat in search of the unknown. The artist is this captain that takes his passangers: but how many persons have the courage to follow ?


My painting, along with all my other creative activities, is both spiritual and subjective. One of the art's basic laws is the concentration of the mystery: the mystery of life or of nothingness. It is, in my opinion, the supreme obsession of Men; if it is, moreover, assimilated to the works, it constitutes the ineluctable means to its lastingness.


Creation is the dreamlike and metaphysical transfiguration of the soul, body, and mind. The figurative is an art for the eye; the abstract art, however, may add more profoundly the impalpable feeling of the unspoken, this deafening silence of what is concealed among the verses of a poem. To see does not suffice any longer, we need to feel. I internalize the emotion, leaving the matters of interpreting and intercepting this emotion to the one that looks at the picture. Hence, he is no longer passive but becomes active. In my work, I attempt to release an emotion, a pure one, without any figurative constraint in order to attain a feeling, a density of the inner life, and, if possible, to lead to a contemplation. This personal, non-descriptive, non-naturalistic writing tends towards an impressionistic, expressionistic, and constructivist synthesis. My works, as a whole, re-create a subject whose independent meaning makes us enter into the mysterious sphere of symbolism. That is as regards my research in profane as well as in sacred art.


In the Bible, Jesus Christ teaches through parables. In my works, I use the same frame of mind and the parable is embodied in an underlying frame of mind of shades of colours and a style of drawing, a door open to contemplation and inner meditation.

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